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iPhone 3G slow after iOS4 upgrade

You may find that your iPhone 3G is slow, unresponsive and, if it’s as bad as mine, basically unusable after upgrading the firmware to Apple’s new iOS4. I’m afraid this is just a case of new software demanding more of old hardware than it is capable of providing.

We have tried a number of the solutions that are floating about there on the internet but I’m afraid we have concluded that the only solution is to free up memory, and on the iPhone that means just one thing: delete stuff.

So, you are going to have to think long and hard about which applications and how many photos, albums and podcasts you really need to carry around with you. Every bit of space you clear will result in an immediate improvement in performance.

Please, please, please remember to perform a backup via iTunes before deleting anything.

Blurry pictures in iPhone iOS4 (aka iPhone OS 4.0)

If you have already upgraded your iPhone or iPod Touch to iOS4, you have probably noticed that all your pictures have gone blurry, grainy, look pixelated or have just generally lost quality. Don’t panic, the solution is easy and reasonably quick:

  1. Connect your iPhone or iTouch to your computer via USB.
  2. Launch iTunes and click on your iPhone / iTouch which will be listed under Devices.
  3. Select the Photos tab.
  4. Un-tick the box labelled Sync Photos from …
  5. Important: You are now asked if you want to remove the sync’d photos from your device, select Don’t Remove Photos.
  6. Immediately re-tick the box labelled Sync Photos from …
  7. Now click on the Sync button on the bottom right-hand corner of your iTunes window.

iTunes will now go through the process of optimising your photos for your iOS4 device. This could be a quick or slow process, depending on the number of photos you sync. Basically, the larger the number of photos, the longer the optimisation process will take. When it is finished, hey presto, your photos are displayed in all their glory!