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Email address auto-complete in Apple Mail

Apple’s Mail application has this great feature that completes a recipient’s email address as you start typing it in the To field of an email. This is a useful time-saver but, if one of your contacts changes email address, Mail reliably but stubbornly continues to auto-complete the old, defunct address even if you have updated your Address Book.

There is however, a way to delete old or unwanted addresses from the auto-complete list. Once the old address is removed and you subsequently use the new one, it will be remembered and the auto-complete feature is again as useful as ever.

To remove an email address from the auto-complete list in Apple Mail:

  1. Open Apple Mail
  2. Click on Window then Previous Recipients
  3. Scroll to and select the desired address(es) from the list (you can highlight multiple addresses by holding down the Command key when selecting)
  4. Click on the Remove From List button

If you want to save an email address rather than remove it, you can do so from the same Previous Recipients window. On the right-hand side you will see the Add to Address Book button which enables you to add the selected email address to either a new or existing contact in your Address Book.

Configure iPhone for BT Business Email

If you are a user of BT’s Business Email Plus Organise & Share service, which is basically just their hosted Exchange, and you have an iPhone, I am sure you will have discovered that BT’s helpdesk have no idea how to get these two working together. Your iPhone must be running 2.0 firmware or higher and you need iTunes 7.7 or later.

  1. On the iPhone select Settings then Mail, Contacts, Calendars followed by Add Account…
  2. Select Microsoft Exchange
  3. Iphone add account

  4. In the Email field, enter your email address (e.g. first.last@btconnect.com or firstlast@yourdomain.com)
  5. Enter HE in the Domain field
  6. In the Username enter the first part of your btconnect.com email address (e.g. first.last) – if you entered an alias under email address in step 3, be sure to use the genuine btconnect.com username here
  7. Enter your password in the Password field
  8. In the Description field, enter anything you like that makes sense to you
  9. Click Next and the iPhone will try to auto-discover your Exchange server settings but because the Organise & Share platform is built on Microsoft Exchange 2003, this will fail and prompt you to manually enter the server name
  10. When this happens, enter email.btconnect.com and select Finish

Now open the Mail application on the iPhone and you will see your new account. Don’t worry if it seems to be taking some time to synchronise the first time, that’s perfectly normal.